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Atwater Ink and Paint Supply Atwater Ink and Paint Supply
  Atwater Ink & Paint Supply  

Atwater Ink and Paint features household items and kitchen supplies.

It refers to the Atwater Village district of Los Angeles where Disney and the animators from the Disney Studios spent a lot of time; it was kind of their daily haunt, considering his original animation studio was located in the adjacent Silver Lake neighborhood. Also it may be an homage to Lillian Disney, who worked in the Ink and Paint department.

Buena Vista Street also features a miniature replica of the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge from the same neighbourhood.

Today the store sports the address 2719 Buena Vista Street, and sells ceramic coffee mugs, oven mitts and similar items.

Make yourself at home, as you enjoy the quaint ambiance of a 1930's Hollywood style market house complete with coffee, tea and other delectable treats to enjoy or take home.


A window upstairs at the Atwater School of Art and Animation plays audio of an animation class where a young animator named Walt is attending class… make sure you stop to listen.

The four artist's models displayed behind the art store's counter have been posed to spell Y.M.C.A., paying homage to the popular 1978 disco anthem by The Village People.

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible