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Big Top Toys Big Top Toys

You'll definitely think this location is over the top when you see the toy-lined shelves filled with innovative and interactive toys & games.

There is also a huge assortment of plush inspired by famous Disney theme park attractions like Red Car Trolley and characters such as Phineas & Ferb, Disney Princesses, Tinker Bell, Pirates and the un'bear'ably cute and cuddly, Duffy the Disney Bear.

Dumbo & Pluto

On the left side of the entrance you'll see an image of a performing circus seal, and on the opposite side the Master of Ceremonies for the Big Top.

Imagineer Ray Spencer had some fun by posing as a Circus Ringmaster for the display.

And behind the cash/wrap desk you can see this circus scene mural. Click on any of them to see closer views.

Be sure to look up as well, to admire the elaborate light fixtures and the curved ceiling that makes it feel like you are right inside a striped canvas tent.

Circus mural

  Ray Spencer  
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible