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concept art

Concept art of Buena Vista Street - (c) Disney

Starting in the Fall of 2013, Disney published 18 issues (approximately 6 times a year) of the Buena Vista Bugle, a throwback to the Main Street Gazette that Disneyland used to sell back in 1955 when the park first opened.

The Red Car Newsboys used them as props, hawking them in their song-and-dance shows. "The Buena Vista Bugle" newspaper touted all that's new and happening for the day in DCA. These free copies could be picked up at newpaper boxes along the street.

The last issue was in the summer of 2016, and below is the front page of one of the last issues.
Cick on it to open up the full hi-res PDF document to enjoy.

Buena Vista Bugle
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