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  Where Corn Dogs Rule!  

Treat yourself like a monarch and enjoy a royally delicious
batter-dipped corn dog.

Delights of the Round Table

Hot-Link Corn Dog - $9.29
Original Corn Dog - $8.79
Cheddar Cheese Stick - $8.49
Chicken and Waffle - $9.29
Crispy Battered Corn on the Cob - $8.49

(all of the above cometh' with sliced apples or a small bag o' chips)

The Beverage Kingdom

Souvenir Sipper (includes soft drink at time of purchase) - $9.99

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange,
Minute Maid® Lemonade, Barq's Root Beer - $3.59 and $3.99
Dasani® Bottled Water - $3.49
Hot Tea or Hot Cocoa - $2.99
Coffee (regular or decaffeinated) - $2.99


Inside Corn Dog Castle
at Disney California Adventure Park

Step inside the Corn Dog Castle – now open at Disney California Adventure park, nestled between Seaside Souvenirs and the new Goofy’s Sky School attraction.

This much-loved food location serves more than 1,000 corn dogs each day.

Here you can find three types of corn dogs: cheese, hot link and regular (which is the most popular).

How do they make these bits of heaven on a stick?

Find out for yourself in this video!

What is your favorite Corn Dog Castle treat?

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible

Menu items and prices verified October 2017
and are subject to change without notice.