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Paradise Pier Golden Zephyr Hollywood Land
Golden Zephyr Golden Zephyr

"Pacific Sights from Terrific Heights"

Soar high in the sky in a gleaming silver spaceship inspired by the science fiction stories of the 1920s.

The Golden Zephyr is a swinging galactic gondola that will sail you over the Paradise Pier Lagoon.

Each vehicle is attached to a central tower which turns. After boarding, the tower will spin faster and faster, and as your speed increases, so does the height of your Zephyr.

Because of the nature of this attraction, it does not operate during very windy periods.

Your flight over the lagoon will last approximately 2 ½ minutes.

"Golden Zephyr, you are clear for take-off. Okay flyers and flight commanders, enjoy your flight."

Wheelchair Transfer Detail - Enter through the standard queue. Proceed to the elevator and wait for a Cast Member for boarding instructions.
Fun Facts
Golden Zephyr


  Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV