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Paradise Pier Jumpin' Jellyfish Hollywood Land
jellyfish jellyfish
  Welcome folks... swim on in.  It's time to get these jellyfish jumping.  Wheeeeee....  

The line weaves in and out of some really cute landscaping with plants that resemble seaweed.  Above parts of the waiting area are jellyfish so you start to get the feeling you are in the sea.

The ride consists of benches that face out from a one of two dark green main central towers labeled east & west.
Two riders can sit on each bench.

Sebastian the crab

Far above the riders is a giant jellyfish.

This area is small, but well themed. It's friendly and brightly colored so it will appeal to younger children.

The ride gently raises the riders up about forty feet to the jellyfish and then slowly lowers them about ten feet.

Jumpin' Jellyfish sign

You go up and down very gently about two more times and then are slowly lowered to the ground.

"Jumpin' Jellyfish" is a phrase used by Sebastian in The Little Mermaid.

The minimum height for this ride is 40 inches.  There is a seat belt for each rider that is similar to a car lap belt.  

For younger riders, the seat belt can be threaded through a loop that fits between the legs.  

This prevents younger riders from slipping under the lap belt.

The attraction is similar to Toy Soldiers Parachute Drop, an attraction located at Walt Disney Studios Park in France and at Hong Kong Disneyland in Hong Kong.

  Height Restriction (minimum height 40" /102 cm) Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV Supervise Children at all times