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Midway Mercantile, at the exit of Toy Story Midway Mania, has a large selection of Disney*Pixar-themed plush, costumes, games, and other toys.

So you went on and enjoyed the ride. Now comes the "ohhhhhh..." portion of the story as you finally understand the whole thing.

Exiting into the upper balcony of the Midway Mercantile, you find a small walled off desk and chair. On the floor is a small box, not unlike the one you saw in the loading area. On the front of the box are the same words "Midway Games Play Set".

You probably then realize that this was the box the ride "came in" and the little box next to it looks like the box Mr. Potato Head came in. While realizing this, though, one may wonder as to how they got there in the first place.

The story behind this little office is that this is the office of the owner of the Midway Mercantile, and that he bought the ride to bring business to the area.

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