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  Point Mugu Tattoo  

Ink an appointment to visit this tattoo parlor,
"where the tattoos are temporary, but the sales are final".

This "temporary-tattoo" parlor hearkens back to an era when carnival sideshows and beach boardwalks were filled with mustachioed musclemen. So come on in and check out the strong selection of merchandise.

  • Wacky Tee-shirts
  • Beach-themed merchandise
  • Fashion accessories
  • Paradise Pier souvenirs
  • Temporary tattoos
  Point Mugu Tattoo
temporary tattoos  

Look for old photos of circus strong men, bearded ladies, flame eaters and tattooed men of seaside boardwalk and circus carnivals of days gone, found hanging along the walls of this nicely themed shop.

  Unique Boutique   All Sales are Final  
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible