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Sepulveda Building Sepulveda Building
  Sepulveda Building  

Sepulveda Building

Formerly known as Sepulveda, the community is a district in the San Fernando Valley region of the city of Los Angeles, California and was renamed North Hills in 1992.

These beautifully themed restrooms are located at the end of Buena Vista Street.

Lessing Kamen and James

Lessing, Kamen and James, Counselors-at-Law honors three men who played pivotal roles in Disney's legal history. Gunther Lessing was a lawyer hired by Walt to protect the copyrights of Mickey Mouse and eventually became a company vice president and general counsel.

Kay Kamen was the exclusive representative of the Disney character merchandising division in New York starting in 1932.

Cyril James was a London-based lawyer responsible for internation merchandising & film distribution for Disney beginning in 1938.

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