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Silly Symphony Swings Silly Symphony Swings
Attraction   Silly Symphony Swings  

The attraction features 32 single-seat swings for guests, and eight pair of tandem seats for smaller riders and their responsible companion.

The name Silly Symphony Swings pays homage to one of Walt Disney’s greatest creations – a series of cartoon shorts, called “Silly Symphonies,” which revolutionized animated films.

Relying mostly on music to tell their tales, this series of cartoons was honored with multiple Academy Awards and introduced audiences to several beloved Disney characters, including Donald Duck.

Walt Disney Studios produced 75 “Silly Symphony” cartoons from 1929-1939.

  Silly Symphony Swings
Fun Facts
Silly Symphony Swings


  Height Restriction (minimum height 40" /102 cm) Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV Supervise Children at all times