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  Clay Pots Fountain  

You'll find a giant fountain near the front entrance, as well as smaller fountains throughout the Marketplace.

Just follow the laughter.

  • Bubble Fountains
  • Mickey and the Clay pots Fountain
    (shown at the left)
  • Sorcerer Mickey Fountain

Sure to bring a smile is the laughter from the kids splashing through the fountains. Sure to bring a frown is the poor kid who will be sloshing around afterwards in soaking wet shoes and clothes. It's smart to be prepared if you think that your child wants to play in the fountains.

  Fun Fountains   Bubble Fountains   Fun Fountains  
  Fun Fountains   Bubble Fountains   Fun Fountains  
  Sorcery Mickey Fountain   Fun Fountains   Fun Fountains  
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible