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Star Wars: Void Experience Center is opening in the Marketplace December 17, 2017, and is is a collaboration between The Void, Lucasfilm, and Industrial Light & Magic's immersive entertainment division, ILMxLAB.

As for what Secrets of the Empire will actually be about, details are non-existent, with neither Lucasfilm nor The Void willing to share specifics just yet.

However, one piece of concept art has been released, and assuming that it accurately depicts what the experience is aiming for, we can draw some conclusions.

The image depicts the planet Mustafar, with Darth Vader's castle (as seen in Rogue One) off in the distance.


Classic, original trilogy-era Stormtroopers are engaged in a firefight, while a droid similar to K-2SO is shown advising several participants, two of whom are wearing Stormtrooper armor themselves.

Taken together, it infers a scenario set sometime near Star Wars: A New Hope, where players will be equipped with armor and blaster rifles and asked to battle in Darth Vader's backyard.

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