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Disneyland Paris does not have a Tom Sawyer Island. It was decided that most Europeans were not familiar enough with Mark Twain’s writings to design an entire attraction around his stories.

Instead, the Imagineers came up with Adventure Isle, which you can reach by one of four bridges. Here, pirates and castaways are used as a backdrop for this colorful environment. This is a wonderful place to play and explore.

Deep within Skull Rock you’ll find Ben Gunn’s Cave. (Ben Gunn was a character in Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Treasure Island.”)


This labyrinth of passageways is far more extensive and elaborately decorated than those found on any of the Tom Sawyer Islands. You can “almost” get lost down here.

Above ground is a peak called Spyglass Hill. Near the top is a lookout platform with a pirate canon aimed at a partially sunken vessel below. The view is great from up here. When it comes time to “escape” from the pirates, there is a suspension bridge that crosses high above the bay and the submerged ship.

If you’re afraid of heights, you might want to turn back and skip this bridge as it is higher than any found on the Tom Sawyer Island counterparts. It also bounces a lot, which could add to your discomfort. But for the hearty buccaneer, this bridge is a lot of fun.

Entangled within the roots of the Swiss Family Robinson tree is another series of caves. “Le Ventre de la Terre” is the name of this cavern which translates into “The Belly of the Earth.” Although not quite as extensive as Ben Gunn’s cave, there are still a number of chambers to explore. If you’re lucky, you might even find where the pirate treasure is hidden.

Article courtesy of The "World" According to Jack's blog.

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