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Fantasyland Alice's Curious Labyrinth Discoveryland
Alice's Curious Labyrinth Alice's Curious Labyrinth
  Alice's Curious Labyrinth  

Curiouser and curiouser!

This way, that way, up and over — Alice's confusing adventures in Wonderland are a maze of quirky characters, colourful flowers and frightful royalty!

Dash through the water jets, around the curving hedges and through the tricky Queen of Hearts Maze in this attraction entirely unique to Disneyland Paris.

The hedge maze is themed around scenes and characters from the Disney 1951 feature Alice in Wonderland. It comprises two sections: the first one with some of Alice's adventures prior to meeting the Queen of Hearts, and the second based on Alice's encounter with the Queen, who had a similar labyrinth in the film.

The goal of the maze is to reach the Queen of Hearts's Castle, where one can obtain an aerial view of the Fantasyland section of the park. The maze's route is similar in shape to the body of the Cheshire Cat, with a semi-floral recreation of the character's face adjacent to the attraction.

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible