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Autopia is an opening day attraction and is sponsored by the Ford Motor Company.

The attraction takes it's name from it's counterpart in Disneyland, but has a unique sense of style and theming, hence the name Highway of Tomorrow.

Depending on the exact definition of the attraction, "Autopia is a place where the city, nature and highways live in perfect harmony". Visitors walk through the city of Solaria represented by a metal structure simulating skyscrapers.

It is inspired by Walt Disney Magic Highway in the 1950s which featured the highways with the science fiction of the 1930s. This theme was not in perfect harmony with that of Discoveryland. The vehicles are cars are more rounded and feature a toy-like quality because of Mattel being its first sponsor.

Since 2008 a drivers license is given to each guest, and a photo location exists so you can even put your own photo on it.

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