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  Bixby Babies

If the shop is symbolic as it is located just below a supposed dental office where the patient can be heard clearly in the midst of suffering, Bixby Babies is part of its stores were affected by difficulties experienced by the park.

When the park first opened it sold all kinds of hats (hence the hat on its sign), but has gradually lost the character and today offers toddlers clothing and accessories.


Bixby Babies

Bixby Babies is a shop on Town Square selling babyware & accessories. It's housed behind the Bixby Brothers / Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop façades.

At one time it was known as Bixby Brothers Men's Accessories.


  • Bixby Brothers / Ribbons and Bows Hat Shop oiginally sold all kind of hats.
  • The Bixby Babies name is not shown on the façacade, however this is the official name of the shop.
  • The Dr. Bitz Dental School is located on the upper level of Bixbie Brothers.
  • The sound coming from the Dental School is performed by Imagineer Eddie Sotto.
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible