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Discoveryland Disneyland Railroad Main Street U.S.A.
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  Disneyland Railroad  

Discoveryland Railroad Station.

The four trains are the works of two Disney Imagineers: Tom and Louis Lemoine York under the direction of Eddie Sotto who was the artistic director for Main Street USA.

The old initials (Euro Disney Railroad) on the train had earned some sarcasm for Eddie Sotto, as it is possible to read it as Ed's Railroad.

The engines are inspired by those held in the Henry Ford Museum in Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan and that of Sacramento, California.

Unlike those built in previous Disney parks, cars and the locomotive (a locomotive is a locomotive, that is to say moving under its own power, used for transport ...) of each train were designed as a coherent entity.

Each train has an engine, tender and five passenger cars. The cars are open on the inner side of the track and are glazed on three sides. They are heated during the winter season.

  Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV