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The biggest store inside the Disneyland Park, Emporium offers something for all Disney visitors. Take home a memory for yourself, a gift for the once that could not come along or a nice Disney decorations to show off once back at home.

Behind two of the cash registers inside the Emporium are drawing from the counterpart Emporium shops in both Disneyland in Anaheim and Walt Disney World Orlando.

The Disneyland drawing shows the “Original Emporium Department Store” that opened in 1855. and the Florida one shows the store that opened in 1871. Both dates are set 100 years before their original opening to keep in the 1800's theme.


In the middle of the shop you can see a railing system attached to the ceiling.

This system was used back in the 1900's to transport the money from the shop location to the accountants room.

Back in the olden days staff wasn't allowed to handle the money and everything was done via this railing system.

Imagine the waiting times back then! The railing system was designed for the Emporium store by Imagineer Eddie Sotto. The Paris version is inspired by photographs of the Abraham and Straus Department Store in New York.

Cash carriages

The shop features a beautiful glass dome in the front of the shop. On this glass dome you will find images of some of the most famous inventors in the world including Bell and Edison.

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