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  Lancelot's Carrousel  

Lancelot's Carrousel
(or Le Carrousel du Lancelot in French)

As you enter the magical land of storybook characters known as Fantasyland, Le Carrousel du Lancelot is the first attraction you see.

Ride one of Sir Lancelot's noble steeds, or relax in an ornate carriage. Either way, you're sure to arrive at a fairytale "Happily Ever After" ending!

Unlike other Disney carrousels, where all the horses are painted white, Lancelot’s Carrousel features an array of colors.

Shades of black, brown, tan, and grey can all be found. The sixteen steeds on the outer ring are adorned in elaborate armor worthy of a jousting knight. There are 80 steeds to choose from in all.

This is also the first Disney carrousel to have two chariots for guests who are unable to climb aboard a mount.

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible