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  Last Chance Cafe  

Last Chance Cafe

For an authentic experience, head on over to the Last Chance Cafe. Be warned, though. The bullet holes in the sign out front are your first indication that the clientele who belly-up to this bar isn't quite as refined as who you might encounter at a more reputable establishment like the Lucky Nugget.

Inside, the walls of the Last Chance Cafe are papered with Wanted posters and offers for reward, and fellas who've stopped to wet their whistle.

And before hitting the trail have deposited saddles, satchels, holsters and rope wherever they could find a spot, before hitting the hammered-copper counter for a whiskey (or Coca-Cola) from the barkeep.

This location finally has a proper outdoor terrance, a full wooden extension in the Western style, to protect its cowboy clientèle from the very Parisian elements.

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