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  Mad Hatter's Tea Cups  

Take a teaspoon of spin, and a twist of twirl, soon you'll be whirling round in circles in one of the Mad Hatter's giant Tea Cups. Don't be late, this is a very important date!

In celebration of another happy unbirthday, the merry Mad Hatter cordially invites you to one of his infamous tea parties... With eccentric decorations, zippy music and colourful, spinning tea cups spiralling around and around the garden, this is one party invite you simply must accept!

The Paris version of Disneyland's classic Mad Tea Party is the only version to feature the stunning petal-shaped glass roof and extravagant surrounding gardens.

The concept for the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups was originally much more outrageous, with early 1950s plans calling for the Mad Hatter's dinner table to be featured in the centre of the ride and various lanterns and decorations all around.

With later versions of the attraction, some of these ideas were finally incorporated, such as the colourful Japanese garden lanterns.

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