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Fantasyland Peter Pan's Flight Discoveryland
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  Peter Pan's Flight  

Peter Pan’s Flight is one of the most popular Fantasyland dark attractions. The ride vehicle for this attraction is a pirate ship that will sail through the sky over London and other scenery on the way to NeverLand.

The attraction is filled with fiber-optic lighting to provide all of the twinkling scenery. The scene of London is actually an enlarged map of the city.

Some of the things you will see on this attraction with an eye in the sky view are London, a volcano with very real looking lava, sparkling stars in the sky, and more.

This is a very popular attraction, and within a few hours of opening the queue reaches its outdoor extension and then becomes visible.

It starts with the Darling's nursary scene, we can hear Peter Pan saying "come on, everybody...Here we go!" and you see his shadow on the wall before your pirate ship banks to the left and climbs.

Your ride to NeverLand takes two minutes.

  Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV Audio Description Supervise Children at all times