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Pirate's Beach Pirate's Beach
  Pirate's Beach  

Pirates' Beach is located in Adventureland, near Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. The attraction is a themed playground with slides and rope ladders and other fun stuff for kids to play on.

The playground is divided into two areas, one for 3-6 year olds, and one for budding buccaneers aged 7-9. As befits the pirate theme, the play equipment is housed on board a pirate ship.

There is a good variety of play equipment, and your little ones will slip into pirate role play easily and happily. It is worth coming here during the busiest times of the day to avoid queues at other attractions.

Note: there is a maximum height limit of 1.4m or 55".

climbing net

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible Height Restriction (maximum height 55" / 140 cm)