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Frontierland Pocahontas Indian Village Adventureland
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  Pocahontas Indian Village  

The Pocahontas Indian Village is the perfect playground for your young brave Indians. They'll enjoy climbing and sliding near the reconstructed village of the legendary Algonquian princess.

At one time, this area was home to a canoe dock. Today, it's a play area for young children, with canoes serving as slides.

In 2010, the archway at the entrance to Pocahontas Indian Village was removed and replaced with a new marquee in the greenery to the side of the entrance, opening up the area into a more continuous themed environment, particularly with the old Pueblo Trading Post boutique nearby.

This isn't the only Native American camp in Frontierland. Another set of tepees can be found outside Fort Comstock at Legends of the Wild West, complete with billowing smoke!

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