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Frontierland Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery Adventureland
.54 caliber Hawken rifle .54 caliber Hawken rifle
Rustler Roundup Shootin' Gallery  

The Rustler Roundup Shootin’ Gallery, is a shooting gallery whose guns fire infrared beams instead of bullets. Set in the 1850’s depicting a town in the Southwest Territory with 18 rifles available for use. You will be shooting at a bank, jail, hotel an stables in the town of Boothill. Passports can’t be used here, so you will need cash to play the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition.

Howdy Shootin' Dude! I suppose you think you're a pretty good sharpshooter. Put in a couple of quarters and show off your marksmanship.

As you "shoot" your rifle (there are no bullets here), you'll be rewarded for the hits you make. Whenever you hit a bulls-eye, bells ring, lanterns light, a player piano belts out a tune, owls hoot, a skunk lifts its tail...etc. These antics make the "Shooting Exposition" shooting gallery just as much fun for the spectators as it is for the participants!

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Guests in wheelchairs should use the rifles to the left of the attraction, which are mounted on a lower countertop.

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The names of the buildings are clever references to the fact that they're miniatures. Maybe the designers thought the forced perspective would be a little tough to swallow so they encourage you to "Drink Mousehead Beer" on the side of the hotel.

Shorty's Hotel Boothill Shetland Stables

Some of the comical tombstone targets you will find in "Boothill"

Tombstone 1

One Last Drink
Was his demand
Died a Reaching
* Red Eye Dan *
Dec 21

Tombstone 2

To Follow You
I'm Not Content
Til I Know
Which Way
You Went

Six Gun
Lines In This
Used His Gun
For a
Closer Shave

Tombstone 3

Butch was Nerveous
His Hand Did Shake
He Drew on Luke
His Last Mistake
Dec 21.48

Tombstone 4
Tombstone 5

Ol Tom Hubbard
died with
a frown
but a grave
can't keep
a good Man

Tombstone 6

Nancys Dan
A Truely Devoted

Rest in Peace
Henry Baker
he has gone
to meet his maker

Tombstone 7

1801 - 1855
He Loved to Dance
He Drank His Fill
He Drinks
No More
But Dances Still

Tombstone 8
Wheelchair/ECV Accessible