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The Captain's Chest The Captain's Chest
  The Captain's Chest

Photo & article courtesy of the DisneyShawn blog.


This cottage is in the back corner of Adventureland. One look at that weathervane, though, and its image of a peg-legged bloke with a spyglass tells us we're still surrounded by a bit of piracy. In this case, it's Le Coffre du Capitaine (The Captain's Chest).

Le Coffre is an establishment run by a former pirate captain. He may have given up pillaging and ransacking, but he's still got the sea in his veins. His establishment is littered with oars, nets, miniature ships... and a whole collection of items gathered from decades at sea.

In a corner of the shop, you may notice stairs which lead to the loft above. It's not accessible to visitors, but has plenty more to look at... including the captain's pet parrot, watching from his elevated perch.

toy spyglass
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