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The Curious Giraffe The Curious Giraffe
  The Curious Giraffe

The proprietor here actually looks to make money from people both coming and going. Heading out on safari? He has whatever you may need. Just got back, but looking for the perfect gift for that certain someone? Check out the selection of curios sold inside or right off the truck.

Inside the shop, things are curious indeed. You can certainly find camping and safari gear, along with other trinkets (like Mickey Mouse pens and Tigger tees).

Look up, and you'll also notice the branches of a large acacia tree have grown right through the wall of the shop. And who should be peeking in through that hole in the wall, but a very curious giraffe, gnawing away on the delicious leaves he's discovered.


Adventureland at Disneyland Paris is composed of six distinct regions. We move from the Middle East of Agrabah and the Arabian Nights, into the deserts and jungles of Africa. The transition between the two occurs here, at La Girafe Curieuse (The Curious Giraffe).


Housed in a packed mud structure reminiscent of those found in northern Africa, La Girafe Curieuse is an enterprise specializing in "tout pour le safari" (everything for a safari).


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