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Frontierland Thunder Mesa Mercantile Adventureland
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  Thunder Mesa Mercantile  

Shop to the beat of “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” for western inspired attire and merchandise. The building exists out of two shops: “Tobias Norton & Sons Frontier Traders” and “Eureka Mining Supplies and Assay Office”.

A mine shaft is located in the Eureka Mining Supplies and Assay Office part. The story goes that the owners of the shop used the shaft to access Big Thunder Mountain and smuggle its gold.

The Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building houses four shops in one location. All 4 shops are merged into each other making it difficult to see where one shop ends and the other shop begins.

Guests can walk through the shops, add items to their shopping basket and pay at any of the counters inside the building.

The names of the shops in the building are Bonanza Outfitters, Tobias Norton & Sons, Frontier Traders and the Eureka Mining Supplies and Assay Office.

The shop is located on the crossroad of two streets in Frontierland. The main street between the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building and The Big Thunder Mountain attraction is called "Thunder Mesa Road".

Then there is "Lucky Nugget Lane" between the Thunder Mesa Mercantile Building and the Lucky Nugget saloon.


Thunder Mesa Mercantile

Have a look at the top of the building and some of the machinery and other mining items on display.
Let's hope those dynamite boxes are empty.

You can fine kitchenware, sweets (such as candy "gunpowder") as well as toy rifles, plastic rattlesnakes and t-shirts.  In Bonanza Outfitters there are western themed clothing, jewlery and bags.

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  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible