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The Treasures of Scheherazade The Treasures of Scheherazade
The Treasures of Scheherazade
The Treasures of Scheherazade

Treasures of the Adventureland Bazaar
courtesy of DisneyShawn's blog

Apart from Le Passage Enchanté d'Aladdin, the bazaar inside the entrance to Adventureland at Disneyland Paris also incorporates a restaurant and a series of boutiques.

The restaurant, Agrabah Cafe, takes its inspiration directly from the tale of Aladdin. The space is filled with exotic metalwork and stained glass lanterns and one of the largest wall murals in Adventureland, depicting the genie of One Thousand and One Nights.

In the Arabian Nights story, Scheherazade is the daughter of the vizier who ends up spending the night with the king, a violent ruler who uses women and promptly kills them. During their night together, Scheherazade decides to tell the king a story, but she stops before the end, convincing him to let her live until the next evening.

She then concludes that story and begins another. This continues for 1001 nights, until the king admits he has fallen in love with Scheherazade and makes her his queen.

The Treasures of Scheherazade is a winding, indoor marketplace packed with beautiful things to discover. Just like her tales, each twist and turn of the shop reveals new surprises & amazing details.

Narrow passages in the shops create a real sense of a bustling marketplace, and the Disney treasures available for sale are augmented by hundreds of tapestries and other decorative items made to appear as though they're for sale.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all comes in the last room of the boutique, in the form of this enormous wooden camel.

The camel is even outfitted in an authentic camel saddle, acquired in Egypt. Because of its size, it couldn't exactly be bought off the shelf. It was handcrafted just for this fellow in Disneyland Paris.

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