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Discoveryland Videopolis Main Street U.S.A.
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Videopolis is the large auditorium including areas for the guests of the Hyperion Restaurant, matched by a gigantic high tech stage.

While Space Mountain without doubt is the focal point of Discoveryland the Videopolis is an impressive, huge structure too and catches quiet a few eyes - thanks to the impressive airship Hyperion that rests in its hangar high above the heads of those guests making their way into the building...

But then even so the Hyperion is one of the optical highlights of the land and attracts guests it is not so much connected to the Videopolis but the Café Hyperion - the largest quick service restaurant in the Park, which is located inside the same building.

So once the guest has passed below the Hyperion, which seems ready to leave its hangar any minute, with all the luggage already on board and the colorful flags decorated around, he won't find himself in the center of the auditorium, but to the left side of it, where the counters of the restaurant can be found. But from here guests have a great view over the actual auditorium which has two segments.

The lower half of the theater features benches in a stadium seating arrangement. Here guests are not only as close as they can get to the stage, that stretches far into the auditorium, but also get the best view.

Currently it is home to CinéDisney, playing Disney and Pixar shorts.

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