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Each day, workers at the candy kitchen (inside the Candy Palace) make different handmade treats. Guests can call and find out what candy will be made the day of their visit by calling (714) 781-0112.

The pre-recorded message is changed weekly.


Delight in this delicious destination for scrumptious sweets.

  • Nostalgic "retro" candies that you loved as a kid and kids still love, such as saltwater taffy.
  • Yummy array of attractively-packaged goodies
  • Candy made by Disneyland® park master confectioners
  • Mouth-watering caramel apples, fudge and other scrumptious goodies made before your very eyes!


This place is all about the homemade! You know they’re famous for their homemade candy canes during the holiday season, but they’re making homemade candy — front-and-center — every single day of the year here.

From fudge and pecan rolls to molasses sponge and rocky road, there’s always something brewing at the Candy Palace — and you can buy freshly made packages of your nostalgic favorites.

The best part, though, is watching the candy makers. The huge windows around the candy kitchen offer guests the opportunity to watch them make magic, and big, descriptive signs let you know exactly what they’re making inside.


After working in the Candy Palace for 38 years, Disneyland park candy maker Rob McHargue truly knows his way around a kitchen.

The updated Candy Kitchen has double the square footage as before, providing more viewing space – a bigger window of opportunity to see the candy makers at work.

A pass-through window, more counter space, a kitchen stock room and a second copper kettle were also added. The kitchen produces approximately 63 different items year-round. Lucky for me, they happened to be making my favorite toffee treats during my visit.

What’s your favorite confection from the Candy Palace?

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