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Main Street U.S.A. Crystal Arcade Adventureland
Victorian wall lamps Victorian wall lamps

The Crystal Arcade facade is at 107 Main Street with the Emporium to the left having an address of 101 and the Fortuosity Shop to the right being at 115 Main Street. At night, when all lit up, the sign truly comes to life.

Through the windows of this extenison of the Emporium, you can see plush toys and crystal chandeliers welcoming you in.

The windows displays flanking either side of the entrance promote whatever Disney movie is currently being released.

Crystal Arcade
  Crystal Arcade sign
gas light at Christmas   The lamps along Main Street are authentic 19th century gaslamps. In 1955, Disneyland designer Emile Kuri purchased the gaslamps by the pound from Baltimore, Maryland.
More than 150 years old at the time, the antique lamps were being replaced and were meant to be sold off as scrap.
  gas light at 4th of July

Disneyland used to have a Cast Member dressed as a 19th century lamplighter, who actually lit the gaslamps at dusk.

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