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Donald’s Boat, called the S.S. Miss Daisy after his girlfriend, is a play area where children can climb, search and enjoy the items they find on their favorite duck's boat.

Inside your child can climb a rope ladder or a spiral staircase that lead to the pilot house. It is the pilot house that has the steering wheel, and the boats horn (whistle).

This attraction is large enough for adults to enter with their children, but there are also benches in a shaded area where they can rest as the children play.

Attention all would-be sailors! No one cries "fowl!" when you play on this double-decker houseboat. You can't miss this boat because it resembles its owner.
Look for Donald's sailor cap - you'll quack up.

  • Climb the rope ladder
  • Scale the spiral staircase
  • Help steer and navigate Donald's pride and joy, and as you turn the ship's wheel be sure & watch the compass
  Must be Ambulatory  

track provided courtesy of DisneyChris