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After a nine-month refurbishment, Finding Nemo reopened
September 29, 2014 looking fresh and sparkling.

Board a whimsical yellow submarine and dive to new depths of excitement as Nemo and his friends from the Disney·Pixar film "Finding Nemo" make a splash at Disneyland® Park.

Climb down an open hatch inside a research submarine operated by the Nautical Exploration and Marine Observation Institute (N.E.M.O.) and take a seat in front of a crystal-clear porthole.  It's a "must sea" attraction!

  • Venture on an aquatic quest with Marlin and Dory to find Nemo.

  • Discover colorful reefs, ancient ruins, exotic fish, massive whales and an erupting underwater volcano!

  • Come face-to-fin with Bruce the Shark, Gill, Peach, Crush and other memorable characters from the hit movie.

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