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This bounce house, themed as Goofy's home lets kids jump around without any fear of injury. The furniture and even the fireplace are made of soft materials.

Kids can tour Goofy's house, climb and slide on the furniture without getting in trouble and bounce around in the back yard.

Don't miss the garden outside. It's as goofy as the furniture. Sitting atop the house is Goofy's trademark green hat.

Your child must be at least 3 years of age and no taller than 52" to use the house.

Goofy's Playhouse has:

  • Fun-shaped soft sculptures to climb on and slide down!
  • Benches for Mom and Dad to sit on and watch the action!
  • Exterior SafeDek play surface to give a little bounce to your step!

Join Goofy and experience all the Disneyland Resort has to offer in the all-new short,
"The Art of Vacationing."

Goofy's Playhouse sign
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible