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Upon entering the Disneyland Opera House, the show begins with a short film titled "Two Brothers", detailing the story of two brothers who fought on opposing sides in the Civil War.

After the film a speech, actually given by Abraham Lincoln, is played to artwork of the famous president.

The recording of the song "America the Beautiful" from the Circle-Vision 360° film of the same name, opens the show.

Curtains then rise to reveal the audio-animatronic figure of Abraham Lincoln which speaks, stands, gestures and moves.

For the conclusion of the show, the song "Golden Dream" plays.

As you exit the theater, you will see a giant mural featuring innovators and people who have changed the face of history.

In 2009, "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" was changed to "The Disneyland Story featuring 'Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.'"

The exhibit features items which display the heritage and history of the man behind the dream of Disneyland, Walt Disney.

Recently, the 8-part a capella group "Voices of Liberty" have begun singing prior to the performance.
Those who have been to the American Adventure in Epcot will instantly recognize these performers.
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Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln


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