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As you enter Disneyland, you go through one of two tunnels -- on either side there are souvenir gifts shops named Guide 1 (right side as you enter) and Guide 2 (the left side, next to the Guided Tour Gardens in Town Square).

Guide 2 was recently refurbished so that the merchandise counter that wrapped around the gift stand was removed, allowing guests the ability to walk in and pick their own souvenirs.

This change seems like a good idea for guests, making the shop more inviting with the new ability to walk in and choose your own items, rather than wait in line at a counter for staff to get your t-shirt or hat on the wall display behind them.

The friendly cast members will be happy to supply you with postcards, film, autograph books and pens to start your day in the park and other last minute souvenirs as you leave the park on your way home again.

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