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At one time this was the home for Jack Skellington & Sally "Nightmare Before Christmas" merchandise, and was also the go-to place for the spookiest decor during the Halloween season.

Today it carries adult clothing and jewlery along with Disney Princess merchandise.

But the store name "Le Bat en Rouge" is still a pun on the Louisiana state capital, Baton Rouge.

  coffin pressed penny machine  

Although the shop is decorated with voodoo, occult and witchcraft themed skulls, bats and candles, there is something extra "weird" in the decor.

As you can see in this photo courtesy hyroOo (aka Matt Valerlote) on Flickr,
an old suitcase is attached to the ceiling.

Those Disney Imagineers get bonus points for creativity, including the coffin themed pressed penny machine.

coffin pressed penny machine
  Travelling Heilum Salesman perhaps?  
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible