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Catch a flick starring Mickey, Minnie and the rest of the gang in this vintage movie house that plays film classics.

  • The crowd favorite is the 1928 Steamboat Willie,
    the first synchronized-sound cartoon

The Main Street Cinema continuously runs Mickey Mouse cartoons, all in black and white on six different screens. Though none of the toons were released as silent films, they all are projected without their soundtracks except Steamboat Willie.

• Steamboat Willie 1928   • Plane Crazy 1928
• Traffic Troubles 1931   • The Moose Hunt 1931
• The Dognapper 1934   • Mickey's Polo Team 1936

Steamboat Willie animated Steamboat Willie Steamboat Willie

Steamboat Willie (instrumental) 0:36

You go past the ticket-taking mannequin, through the heavy velvety curtains and find yourself in a small room with a circular raised dias in the center, surrounded with lusterous wood railings.

The short 6-8 minute cartoons are in constant play, reminding us that it was "all started by a mouse"!


Disneyland's Main Street Cinema is unique because it so far has not suffered the same fate as its sister cinema located in the Magic Kingdom. That area unfortuantely was recently turned into a shop, something I would hate to see happen in California.

So next time you visit Disneyland, take a break in the Cinema and watch a toon or two.


Main Street Cinema poster


According to her Cast Member name badge, the mannequin in the ticket booth is named Tilly and she hails from Marceline, Missouri, the same hometown as Walt Disney himself.

Her outfits change from season to season.

name badge

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