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Discover enough wild western stock here to supply any frontier family.

  • Old West books and videos
  • Davy Crocket and Pocahontas toys
  • Western Disney Character merchandise
  Farley the Fiddler  

Farley the Fiddler is a fan favortie, and can be found playing a mean fiddle in a variety of locations in Frontierland,
including The Golden Horseshoe, Frontierland Shootin' Exposition, and seen here in front of Pioneer Mercantile.

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Pioneer Mercantile is the quintessential Disney western store. Located in Frontierland, it has a pin store in the back, clothing and miscellaneous gift items in the front.

They have a jewelry section in one corner and a leather store near the entrance.

Old West books and toys, Western Disney character merchandise including Davy Crocket and Pocahontas can be found too.

For you penny press buffs, there are two great machines located here.

This is also one of the designated locations for the Package Check Service.

Guests may request that purchases be delivered to their Disney hotel for next-day pickup (available after 7 am).

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible