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Pirates of the Caribbean is an attraction that marvels the imagination, with hidden treasure, cannon fire, and salty pirates. The attraction was initially planned as a basement walk-through called “Pirates Wax Museum”. In 1961 construction began.

With all that Walt had learned from The Worlds Fair, he decided that the walk-through would be changed to an elaborate boat adventure instead.

The attraction would consist of two buildings on three levels with a ceiling height of 40 feet. Inside this massive structure are 66 pirates and villagers, 57 animals & birds and a pirate ship.

The true genius of Walt’s creativity was how to get the guests outside the Berm without them knowing it. The solution was two very exciting waterfalls.

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Enjoy a rolicking adventure with the boldest crew of swashbucklers ever to terrify the Spanish Main. Bloodthirsty cutthroats attack a sleepy town. You're in the thick of the action as the 3-dimentional pirates dunk the towns magistrate, auctions off its fair maidens, and sets the whole village ablaze. Join the fun and excitement in Disneyland's greatest attraction, Pirates of the Caribbean!

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