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  Rafts to Pirate's Lair  

Step aboard a raft just like the one that carried Tom and Huck down the Mississippi River. Float across the Rivers of America and dock at Tom Sawyer’s Island, where you can wander freely.

Explore spooky pirate hideouts, learn vital pirate skills and hunt for hidden treasure.

Look out for ghost pirates and ancient curses! When you’re ready to return to civilization, just catch another raft back across the river.

The rafts have a capacity of 55 people and are named:

•  Blackbeard •  Anne Bonny •  Captain Kidd

It's been estimated that the rafts make nearly 300 round trips per day to Tom Sawyer Island.

Note - the Island closes at dusk.

  raft in middle of river   raft docked at island  
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible Supervise Children at all times No Strollers Permitted