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For a memento that is a "cut" above the rest, get your image in a paper silhouette created by talented artists.

Improve your souvenir profile by sitting to have your silhouette immortalized with a cutout by a skilled artist.

  • Individual or group portraits
  • Completed in less than five minutes
  • Frames available
silhouette   silhouette   silhouette

While silhouettes may seem sort of old fashioned, I assure you it’s one of the hottest crazes out there.

For almost 55 years, the Disney silhouette artists have been ahead of the trend, capturing moments in time and creating magical memories for Guests of all ages.

A Main Street, U.S.A. gem to discover, the Silhouette Studio is currently home to veteran silhouette artists, Bonnie and Sylvia, who have been on the cutting edge for over 30 years.

If you’ve never had your silhouette done or you’re wondering how it works, check out this video, and watch as this amazing artistry comes to life.

The price is $9.45 for two copies of the silhouettes.
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible