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As you approach the entry to Sleeping Beauty's Castle (from Main Street USA), to one side you'll notice Snow White's Grotto and Wishing Well.

The statue of Snow White and her friends, the Seven Dwarfs, were actually a surprise gift to Disneyland shortly after it opened. Ornately carved out of Italian marble, the statues were quickly put into a display.

However, there was one flaw...in the fairy tale, Snow White was supposed to be TALLER than the dwarfs, yet the gift statues portrayed the princess and the dwarfs as all being the same height. What to do?

Using the artistic concept of "forced perspective"---also used elsewhere in the park to make buildings and objects appear to be taller---the Disney creative team designed the current configuration of the statues, which are placed around a scenic waterfall.

With Snow White perched at the top, she does "appear" to be taller than her dwarf friends...at least, to someone not especially thinking about the matter.

Fun Facts
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  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible Supervise Children at all times