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  standard  rental stroller  

The Disneyland strollers are nice, because they are sturdy, have big wheels, and have a big space below them and a pocket on the back. They are relatively lightweight for their size - this can be important when your stroller is buried three stroller rows deep after you exit an attaction during the busy season.  You will be relieved you don’t have a monstrous stroller when you have to lift it up over the other two rows of strollers.

The Disneyland strollers are much more convenient than packing your own. You don’t want to take up valuable trunk space if you’re traveling by car (that’s a big one for most) - and if you’re flying in, that includes your rental car, you don’t have to fold the stroller to get on the tram.

  standard 3-wheel rental scotter  

Look in the scrollwork in the sign above, you will notice a Hidden Mickey!

If you plan on doing a lot besides Disneyland - go ahead and bring the umbrella stroller - but leave it at the hotel when you’re at the park!

You may be able to get at 10% discount when you rent Disneyland strollers. It’s one of the cardholder perks of the Disney Rewards Visa Card. Ask when you arrive, as the promotion may have expired.

Strollers are $15 a day for one or $25 for two strollers.

Wheelchairs are $12 a day (plus $20 refundable deposit), and Electric Convenience Vehicles (ECV's) are $50 per day (plus $20 refundable deposit).

  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible

Prices verified May 2017
and are subject to change without notice.