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Known for its "30-minute freshness guarantee," Wetzel's Pretzels features fresh hand-rolled soft pretzels in a variety of popular flavors such as Sinful Cinnamon, Almond Crunch, Grateful Garlic and Cheese Meltdown, and the one-of-a-kind Wetzel Dog -- a fresh-baked pretzel wrapped around an all-beef hot dog.

Wetzel's puts a whole new twist on pretzels, using only the finest quality ingredients to create such masterpieces as the Mexicali and the Three Cheese pretzels , then dip them in zesty pizza sauce, honey mustard, and sweet caramel dips.

Here’s another tasty tidbit for you.

Wetzel’s co-founder Rick Wetzel, pictured here, worked as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland® Park in 1987.

Phone: (714) 535-5994

"Where Twisted Ideas Originate"

Rick Wetzel

Wetzel's Pretzels

Original Pretzels - $3.89
Wetzel's Original & Original No Butter

Flavored Pretzels - $4.29
Sinful Cinnamon, Almond Crunch, Sour Cream & Onion

Baked Cheese Pretzels - $4.69
Pepperoni Twist, Cheese Meltdown, Jalapeno Cheese Melt, Grateful Garlic

Fresh Lemonade - $3.79 / $4.29
Fresh Strawberry Lemonade - $3.79 / $4.29
Frozen Lemonade - $3.99 / $4.49
Frozen Granita - $3.99 / $4.49
Soda and Iced Tea - $3.19 / $3.69
Dasani Bottled Water - $2.99


Wetzel Dogs and Specialty Items

Wetzel Dog - $4.69
Cheese Dog - $4.99

Wetzel Bitz - $4.99
Gourmet Bitz - $5.39

Dips - 99¢

Cheddar Cheese
Jalapeno Cheese
Pizza Sauce
Sweet Caramel
Sweet Glaze
Honey Mustard
Cream Cheese

  Wetzel's Pretzels
  Wheelchair/ECV Accessible


Menu items and prices verified October 2017
and are subject to change without notice.