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Strike the goldmine of Disney treasures and keep your memories fresh in the World of Disney store.

The heart of this 40,000-square-foot store is the towering, two-story "wall of plush"--15,000 toys worth of stuffed animal magnetism.

A giant video screen plays snippets from classic Disney films.

The all-American smiles and "can-do" attitude of the staff are unquenchable. Watches, backpacks, pajamas, CD cases, spoon rests--if Mickey and his pals are on it, it's here.

  • Overwhelming in its magnitude
  • Whimsical in its design
  • Filled with an incredible assortment of Disney toys, apparel, souvenirs and collectibles
  • Colorful and lively - with stars, confetti and playful cartoon touches of Mickey and his friends

Phone: (714) 300-7903

World of Disney   World of Disney
Wheelchair/ECV Accessible