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Fountain of Nations  

The Disney Imagineers are masters -- taking a few simple elements such as light, water and sound and creating one of the most beautiful "attractions" -- the Fountain of Nations located behind Spacehship Earth, in Innoventions Plaza in Epcot's Future World.

The elaborate display is based on a 180 x 120 foot oval, which opened on October 24, 1982 in a Ceremony of the Waters dedication.

The fountain holds 149,000 gallons of water with 30,000 gallons cascading over its tiered sides every minute.

Today, every fifteen minutes, the fountain showcases water ballets where over two hundred shooters propel over fifty gallons of water up to one hundred and fifty feet in the air. Once upon a time, human cast members actually measured the wind and controlled how high the water shot in the air so as not to soak guests on windy days.

It took three months of computer programming to design the seven different water ballets and at night, over a thousand colored lights highlight the streams of water. It is the largest fountain on Disney property. The fountain holds approximately one hundred and fifty thousand gallons of water with computer controlled pumps sending almost thirty thousand gallons of water per minute cascading down its tiered walls.

The fountain uses almost thirty-five miles of electrical wire. Chloride is too corrosive for this fountain so Disney uses bromine to keep it clean and to ensure there is no algae. The coins that are retrieved from this fountain, like others on property, are donated by the Disney Company to local charities.

Running underneath the entire fountain is an underground work area that houses the pumps and computer systems, as well as a workshop for cast members who maintain our Epcot fountains. There is also a space with special lifts that are used beneath our stage area for performers and equipment. The underground work area was built and then the fountain placed on top with no planning on how to get new equipment down into the area.

Fountain of Nations Facts

212 Micro Shooters® located in the upper pool; each propels 2 gallons of water up to 80 feet in the air.

  • 40 MiniShooters® located in the lower pool; each propels 5 gallons of water up to 100 feet in the air.
  • 12 SuperShooters® in the upper pool; each propels 50 gallons of water up to 150 feet in the air.
  • 60 Spray nozzles
  • Air accumulators for the SuperShooters® activates with pressures of 30 PSI to 120 PSI.
  • 190,000 feet (35 miles) of electrical wire and 22,000 feet (4 miles) of conduit.
  • If all of the shooters triggered simultaneously, there would be 2,000 gallons of water in the air.

Note that Shooter®, MicroShooter®, MiniShooter®, SuperShooter® are registered trademarks of WET Design.

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Fountain of Nations


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