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X-2 Deep Space Shuttle X-2 Deep Space Shuttle
Mission: SPACE   Mission: SPACE is meant to simulate astronaut training for the first human mission to Mars aboard the fictional X-2 Deep Space Shuttle in 2036, the seventy-fifth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first man in space.

Riders are "trainees" at the fictional International Space Training Center (ISTC), where they are arranged into crews of four before watching an introductory video featuring actor Gary Sinise.

Before boarding the simulators, each rider is assigned an on-board role (navigator, pilot, commander or engineer) and given two tasks to perform during the mission.

For example, one of the commander's buttons initiates the rocket's first-stage separation, and the other activates manual flight control. The spacecraft's on-board self-automated pilot will perform each task if the rider does not respond to his or her prompt from Mission Control or if there is no one to perform the task.

The attraction was recently upgraded with the more intense Orange Mission (which subjects the guests to g force effcts using a centrafuge) to hi-definition video, and the less intense Green Misson now more family-friendly with the height restriction lowered to 40 inches from 44 inches, where you embark on a mission that takes you on an exciting orbit around Earth. On this amazing new adventure, you'll take in sites like the Hawaiian Islands, Italy's "boot" and the Northern Lights—as seen from space, of course—before finally landing at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. No matter which mission you choose, it'll be a journey that's totally out of this world."

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Mission: SPACE
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