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Main Street U.S.A. Uptown Jewelers Adventureland
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The Uptown Jewelers is themed to resemble an 1881 turn of the century collectibles shop, echoing the shops merchandise, which most definitely falls into the collectible bracket, with china figurines, flowers, and Disney figurines ranging in price from a couple of dollars up to several thousand.

The shop also has a good selection of costume pieces along with fine quality jewelery, and various souvenir charms in the shape of Disney characters and famous Disney landmarks, in both sterling silver and 14-carat gold.

Mickey Mouse watch     Disney watch
Pinocchio charm   Nemo charm   Dalmation charm   Maleficent charm
  Bambi charm   Lightning McQueen charm   Simba charm  
  Mickey pocket watch

There's a large selection of Mickey Mouse watches, and pocket watches, and if required purchases can be shipped worldwide.

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